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Public Presentation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan

The Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, on 31st March 2021, publicly presented the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, “Greece 2.0”. The presentation focused on the project’s main objectives and economic strategy, key reforms and investments, the budget and the loanfacility, the expected macroeconomic results and a comprehensive list of measures. The Prime Minister was joined by the members of the Steering Committee for the RRF , the Alternate Minister of Finance Mr. Theodore Skylakakis, the Deputy Minister, for Government coordination, Mr Akis Skertsos, the Chief Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, Alexis Patelis, the General Secretary of Public Investments and PA, Dimitris Skalkos, and the President of the Council of Finance, Michalis Argyrou and coordinated by the Governor of Recovery and Resilience Agency, Nikos Mantzoufas.

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